Our Teachers/ Tutors

Bluegum2Music has only the best teaching staff. All are experienced musicians and hold Working with Children Certification.

Founder, Frank Rugers

Frank has many years of performing in and conducting bands within the Australian Army (1969-1991) and five years of teaching and directing ensembles at St Joseph’s College, Hunter’s Hill (1992-1996). 

In the 5 years as Director of Music at St Joseph’s College, he had the curriculum modified to introduce instrumental music in the classroom to make the program more inclusive as a performer and therefore develop the connection between classroom, lesson and ensemble. There was a priority placed on ensemble development and up to 22 ensembles were operating from week to week, providing an opportunity for most boys to participate in music making. This proved to be successful as the participation rate increased from 300 to 425 students which represented 50% of the college student population. The crucial success was the conversion of students from compulsory music lesson and classroom music to the act of studying and playing music for pleasure. That became an 80% conversion from year 8 compulsory to year 9 own choice.  St Joseph’s College is an all boys boarding College with an emphasis on rugby, rowing and cricket.

In December 1996 Frank took a short term tenure to teach instrumental music and conduct bands in Midland Middle School, Chicago, USA. In 1997 Frank commenced in 3 schools and quickly developed that in 1998 to 5 schools in Sydney and 3 schools in Port Macquarie. Frank continued his own training each year assisting Professor Jerry Nowak on his two week conducting course 1990-2012 held for instrumental music teachers through the Australian Band and Orchestra Directors Association (ABODA) of which Frank was State Vice President. He also provides professional development for his staff, as well as continued assessment and discussion to help the teacher deal with issues and provide a strong platform of teaching techniques. 

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Olwen Williams

Ollie has been part of the music industry from both sides of the proscenium for the past 30 years. Having started with Sydney Symphony Orchestra and Australian Youth Orchestra, she has since held high profile positions in the arts and music arenas. As a performer, she has regularly featured and guested with many singers and musicians including the Edinborough Fringe Festival in an accapala quartet, sung with Galapogas Duck, David De Vito, Kevin Briggs (Boney M), Vicki O'Keefe and many more. As well as singing national anthems at several international sports and local civic events. She has been teaching AMEB graded piano, music theory and singing for 20 years.

Double Bass Player