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Educating. Guiding. Inspiring.

We are proud of the reputation that Bluegum2 Music has gained throughout the years - where students and instructors alike can thrive and make the most of their talents.

Bluegum2 Music provides its students with an opportunity to play and enjoy music.

Bluegum2 Music was established to provide band and instrumental music taking the children who study and practice music to develop their intelligence to a higher level. Music creates good discipline habits and provides experiences and skills they can use for life.


Everyone has music ability


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Thank you for your understanding... You are truly fantastic and our children (Bella & Isaac) really loved Josh and his enthusiasm when he was Band Teacher... Isaac still has his Bass Guitar and may continue in High School next year,  if not he may jam with his mates, as I am confident with his ability he could continue on anywhere...

Thank you Frank, for the opportunities of our children to learn what they have.


Dear Mr Rugers, Thank you for helping me develop as a flautist. Ever since I was younger I always wanted to play an instrument and you helped me to achieve my dreams. I am extremely grateful for everything you've done and thank you for preparing me for high school as well.  It's been an honour, merry Christmas and I wish you all the best.  


Dear Ann and Frank Thank you both for all your encouragement and help in such a crazy year! We are so blessed to have such passionate music teachers in Port Macquarie.


You have been wonderful! My Andrew & Sammy have always enjoyed playing flute & sax in your band! You have done such great work with our kids. Cheers!


Dear Frank and Staff, Thank you so much for giving Megan the experience of the band and flute lessons over the past 2 years. She has certainly enjoyed it and we will endeavour to allow Megan to continue this love of music. Best wishes to you all. Thanks again,


Dear Frank & Ann, Thank you so much for all your hard work, teaching, passion and enthusiasm for music over the years that we have known you.  Thank you for introducing the children to the wonder and joy of music and performing.



Mid North Coast New South Wales  (instrument hire) - 0416 219 572 (lesson inquiries) - 0416 269 296